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Third Wish Studios began in 2001 as somewhat of a hobby. I started with home parties, and selling to a handful of boutiques and galleries. Now it's a full-time business, and time to go cyber! As a designer, I strive to create unique, wearable pieces that speak to a broad audience. At Third Wish I joke that I "have no style", meaning that I can customize my work to fit any occasion, any personality, any storefront, any outfit! In addition to our regular lines, I am happy to do custom work for weddings, special trips, prom, children's parties or any other event! 


Why Third Wish Studios?

Many people ask where the name Third Wish came from. When I started the company in 2001, I was sitting around with my friend's three children, brainstorming some ideas. The youngest was just five years old, so we were getting a lot of names like "Dumbo" and "Ariel", the oldest however, was eleven. She was throwing out some pretty creative ideas. Finally she suggested Third Wish, I liked it. It resonated with me. Then a few minutes later, she said softly, "because you know, you can waste the first two wishes, but the third one really counts". That was it, the rest is history! So I send a special thanks to my friend Hillary Robinson for inspiring our name! 


About the designer

I am Rebecca Johnson, I grew up in the quiet hills of VT, where I lived on a 45 acre small farm with my parents, 3 sisters and dozens of pets. Being some distance from town, with only 3 television channels, creativity was a must! As a child I enjoyed music and writing, and loved to draw, but never got very good at it. When I was introduced to beading and jewelry design, it was an instant and natural click! A social worker at the time, jewelry design was a therapeutic way to unwind from long, hard days at work. Eventually I moved into the beading industry as a vice president of an online bead store, and then moved to contracting with smaller companies who needed a boost in their business. I am finally dedicating myself to work at Third Wish Studios full-time. With the support of my amazing husband, Russ, my great dane Sterling (a rescue, who came with that name, he was meant to be mine!), and two supervisor kitties, I now work from my waterfront studio in Seabeck, Washington. With beautiful views of the water, Olympic Mountains and abundant wildlife, I am never at a loss for inspiration! 

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